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Docs2Book is the tool allow you to convert google docs into E-Book and accept payments

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Collect Nothing

Send HTML version of your Google Document to your users

Perfect for sending your resume to recruiter.

Share your story to someone who cares.

Just display document in another website.

Collect Email

The user has to enter Email inorder to view the E-Book

Send one time activation link to view e-book.

Protect your HTML docs from Anonymous users.

Prevent leaking your content to pirates.

Collect Payment

The user has to make the payment to view the E-Book

Collect payment from your audience to view your e-book.

Collect money for your hard work.

Grow your business by selling more e-books.


Distribute your e-book in a hole new way.

Custom Domain for your e-book.

Awesome custom analytic tool.

Sync with your Google Document.

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